Artificial Intelligence Creates Art at a Stroke

Artificial Intelligence that "creates" art is an absolutely fascinating subject about which to research and write. The nascent field is both fascinating and disturbing as humans explore what it is to be human through their own creations. - wd

It’s difficult to determine what is more disconcerting: that an exhibit purposely displayed a fake Rembrandt, or that an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) program painted it – or, rather, generated it on a 3D printer. The effort was the result of an 18-month-long collaboration between several organizations — including Microsoft, ING Bank and, J. Walter Thompson, a Dutch advertising firm. The presentation revealed that machines can be as creative as humans.

The quality of the portrait and the “intelligence” with which the A.I. went about deciding the painting it should create are eye-opening. No matter the style of the painting, however, A.I. technologies take the same approach to learning and then mastering a medium.

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