Microservices Integrate IoT


Skeptical Robot Studios was able to frame a new technology architecture in a famous Greek myth to explain it to business managers. The piece then goes on to explain how Netflix and Amazon have used the architecture to scale-up their applications to global proportions.

Never was Greek mythology more relevant in today’s IT world than the story of the Hydra. No sooner would a warrior cut off one of the heads of the serpent than more heads would sprout in its place. It took Hercules to slay the monster by cutting off its original legacy head. While the number of software applications, devices and platforms that IT departments must support are proliferating, enterprises can ill afford to slay the serpent outright, however. Instead, they must use new generation IT architectures like microservices to tame the Beast so their organizations become more technologically nimble and commercially innovative.

Microservices is an application development architecture. It offers organizations a means of coordinating the maintenance and upgrade of legacy computer systems with the tangle of new technologies that the Digitization of Everything presents. The technology offers IT departments the means with which they can trim the thicket of competing applications and machines and makes it all manageable...

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