Digital Transformation Reshapes Industries


The term “Digital Transformation” has come to mean a whole lot of things to a whole lot of people. Whether its creating macros in a spreadsheet, installing an accounting program, or programming a database, Digital Transformation has become synonymous with computerization.

Skeptical Robot Studios developed this piece for a global consultancy to draw together a combination of new technologies (AI, chatbots, IoT, sensors, Big Data, and more) the company uses to solve business problems.

Read an excerpt of the White Paper below.

The business climate has never been more dynamic. Technology disruption can bring new companies into markets overnight, international players are able to cross borders into what had previously been dominated by local players, and customers appear and disappear with a Tweet or a Like. The Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), miniaturized sensors and more combined with the increased sophistication of technology users have made the business reengineering efforts of twenty years ago obsolete.

Post-industrial command-and-control information systems and archaic commercial processes have locked enterprises into rigid business routines and short-term decision making cycles. The lack of enterprise flexibility frustrates consumers and demoralizes employees.

Now, consumers have become accustomed to personalized service. Employees are looking for more significant input into company decisions and increased opportunity to provide creative solutions to business challenges. Enterprises are finding themselves at a threshold at which they must transform the way they operate. Otherwise, they will become buyout targets or lose their markets to more nimble competitors.

ACME has resuscitated dozens of enterprises around the world through a process called Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation provides a means for organizations to strengthen the trust of their customers. The process also enables companies to re-energize their employees and inspire them to provide coworkers and consumers the best they have to offer. Digital Transformation breaks up anachronistic corporate power structures, makes information more fluid and accessible, and builds greater trust between providers and consumers…

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