Microservices Facilitate ERP Development


Skeptical Robot Studios leveraged its team experience of implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) computer systems with researching the new technology architecture of microservices. The additional challenge was writing it for a non-technical business management audience. The piece succeeds admirably in engaging nontechnical decision makers and providing them actionable information.

By 2014 the global office equipment manufacturer had already invested US$50 million dollars and two years in its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems implementation. It still had to implement the system in its Asia-Pacific (APAC) operations. The projects in North and South America and in its European and African regions had not gone smoothly.

Squeezing its business operations to fit the ERP’s procedural rigidities in each of the regions had been like forcing a cow down the gullet of a boa constrictor: slow and painful for all involved. And while at the end of the year-long effort the company counted the APAC initiative a success, some staff had to suffer the loss of some flexibility that had enabled them to operate in a fluid cross-border market environment.

A hybrid ERP-microservices approach to the implementation, however, would have offered a library of small, nimble programs that fit with changing business workflows around the world and across marketplaces. Device Tools has used its suite of modular microservices and technical expertise in industrial and non-industrial settings to address sophisticated systems integration needs similar to this case…

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