Recent Advances of AI in the Art Markets


This article is an update of a series about AI and the art markets we had developed at the beginning of 2018. It's phenomenal how quickly the field is developing. - Wim

The end of 2017 has seen major advances when it comes to artificial intelligence technologies that target the art markets. AI machines demonstrate advanced machine learning algorithms used for fraud detection and even art valuation. AI now creates autonomous art markets and promotes original art pieces. All these developments have brought us closer to collaborating with machines in a mission to democratize the art market.

What truly pushed the boundaries of AI-influenced art was the development of machine learning algorithms that are able to learn how to create art itself. We always knew that AI machines can be smart like humans — if not even smarter — but did we know they can be as creative? Creativity coming from a machine is one of the major AI advances of our age that is truly redefining the art world and providing it a whole new perspective.

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