Systems Integrator Provides Comprehensive Solutions


This case study was a bit of a challenge to write as the client merely had a handful of notes with which to build a problem-solving narrative. Nevertheless, the piece did a nice job of explaining some of the IT infrastructure products and services the consultancy needed to show off its ability as a business solutions provider.

The Recruiting Agency, a recruitment firm based in Ireland, faced several challenges in its IT department and infrastructure. Due to the lack of visibility into network traffic and poor infrastructure management, the company found technology deterring its business success. The increasingly obsolete IT environment included bad cabling, slow computers, poor network performance, cybersecurity risks, and a lack of quality business reporting.

The operation also suffered a dearth of tools to implement and fulfill GDPR requirements for data privacy. Without the ability to efficiently monitor the network and manage internet bandwidth usage, the organization was exposed to malware and threats to data. A lack of IT-administrative ownership made solving computer problems in a timely manner vexing.

The perfect storm of IT-specific issues forced the company to look for an external business solution partner.

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