The Cloud is Hot!


Cloud is forcing a lot of companies out of their legacy IT comfort zones and causing rethinks about everything from business strategy through hardware budgets through staffing levels (read: layoffs).

Cloud implementations in Corporate nowadays are like the frenzy for work to meet Y2K (Year 2000) requirements or civilization as we knew it would come crashing down on us civilized. Companies were either patching their Big Iron computers or migrating to client-server architectures.

Directly after the Y2K transition came the IT and Internet markets crashes: companies had invested billions in IT and were fatigued and waiting for their Returns on Investment. Is the current lemming dance toward the Cloud a precursor of the same?

Here’s an excerpt of a piece we delivered to an American technology company. The article discusses the issues businesses need to consider for their network infrastructures during their organization’s move to the Cloud.

… It may seem obvious, but networking is an essential part of any Cloud solution and must form part of an organization’s Cloud migration planning. In every Cloud services model, be it Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Service (SaaS), the responsibility for managing the underlying infrastructure falls to the service provider. Even so, organizations planning their Cloud journey must complete the necessary due diligence and not neglect their networking requirements.

As the network underpins every resource and access to every service, it is an essential component of any Cloud solution. Organizations must consider application dependencies, conduct a baseline analysis, and try to project traffic patterns. This analysis will help ensure their Cloud-based services perform at their expected levels. It can also help them predict their bandwidth consumption cost — an item that organizations often forget to include during the budgeting phase…

Read the entire article here.