The Impact of GDPR on Art Market Cryptocurrencies


This is a great topic to write about: the EU's GDPR data protection regulations, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Art. Technology journalism doesn't get much more fun than this.- Wim

The art markets are becoming crowded with cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ether, CodexCoin, Bitchcoin, ART, CLIO, and many more. Technology ventures intend the digital currencies to act as a tender for Blockchain applications.

The creators of Blockchain intended the technology to be a distributed ledger of linked records for which every user in the Blockchain receives updates to the records. Each record is immutable, unchangeable. Bitcoin — considered the first cryptocurrency — was born in a Blockchain environment as a counterpoint to the control that central banks exerted over economies.

However, hackers have seen Blockchain wallets of digital currency as a new source of funds to steal.

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