A Fast-growing Fortune 5000 Company Pivots into Cybersecurity with Skeptical Robot Studios Content


The Challenge

Established in 1998, the Manhattan-based network infrastructure company had laid cable and built data centers for some of the largest companies in North America. 2019 was the fourth year in a row Inc. Magazine recognized the company as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. As its hardware business had become well-established, it looked for other channels for growth. It chose to rebrand itself as a solutions service provider. 

Instead of just building out hardware, it would provide services that include network support, troubleshooting, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity, among others. The company had successfully partnered with a cybersecurity firm for a couple of years. The CEO of the woman-owned business saw cybersecurity as a lucrative and growing business sector that provided significant value to its client base. 

However, how could the company promote its new cybersecurity services and build its authority in a crowded tech sector? 

The Approach

The CFO of the company canvased several content marketing companies to supplement the new website the company was rolling out. He liked the style and engaging manner of the content samples Skeptical Robot Studios provided him. He commissioned us to write the first pieces for their blog. They had never had a blog on their old website, so the CFO knew they were going to have a learning curve. They would have to learn more about the potential for cybersecurity to grow their business. They would have to coordinate sales and marketing activities. They had never had to do that before. They had been able to grow their business through word-of-mouth and a high customer retention rate. Moreover, they would have to learn about social media marketing.

Skeptical Robot Studios would take up the challenge of helping the company transition into the world of social media marketing techniques, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, and gaining followers, instead of just sales leads.  

Every month the account manager for a Skeptical Robot Studios client meets with the customer to discuss the editorial calendar. We look back at how content has performed over the previous three- to six months to analyze how it has performed. The Skeptical Robot Studios team also reviews current news trends and extracts the topics that are garnering the most significant interest. The issues, however, must also be relevant to the intent and business objectives of the company. We discuss with the client its goals its own sales team has. We work to coordinate news trends with SEO topic analysis and align the results with the client's sales goals.

However, in this instance, the client had no past content to analyze. It also felt it had no cybersecurity-specific success stories of note to begin its content catalog with case studies. So where to start?

The Solution

We chose to look at the megatrends in cybersecurity upon which we could piggy-back an in-depth analysis piece. The European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) was trending very strongly in the mainstream media and Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). GDPR provides guidelines and standards for how organizations with customers in the EU should present how it uses private data. The regulations also cite penalties to businesses that lose control of the data. 

The interest was not just keen in the EU, but in the United States (US), as well. American-based multinationals were concerned about how GDPR would affect their operations. Interestingly, we also saw a dramatic uptick in interest in Federal Cybersecurity Regulations. The client agreed to work with us to develop an in-depth, cybersecurity regulatory piece. The article would explore the approach the federal government was taking to protect organizations from cyberattack and promote the data privacy of US-based consumers. 

The Result

A month after the client had posted the Federal Cybersecurity Regulation piece on its website, Skeptical Robot Studios received an email from the CFO of the company. He wrote, "I wanted to share some good news. Looking at Google, it appears your piece on Federal Cybersecurity Regulation is the #1 and #2 search results on Google when searching for federal cybersecurity regulation or law!" 

Since then, Skeptical Robot Studios has been working with the network infrastructure company for nearly two years. Every month, we work together to analyze the popularity of content we've produced for the company, brainstorm new topics, and then write the cybersecurity pieces for publication. The sales department has seen an increase in interest in the business's cybersecurity solutions and encourages the release of more cybersecurity articles on its website.