How to Make a 15-year Old Company a Startup Again


The Challenge

The client was a first-mover in its industry in 2003. It was one of the first online platforms in the world to connect diversity professionals with job openings. Based in Silicon Valley, the company did not have much of an online marketing presence beyond its job search engine come 2016.

That year, the CEO had provided a “facelift” to the company’s website. However, users came to the platform only to drop off their resumes and apply for jobs. The site had no content with which to engage them. Meanwhile, the organizations that paid subscriptions for bundles of job openings to post on the website would post and bounce, as well.

The CEO knew he could do more to raise the company’s online profile. He wanted to draw in more organic sales leads but was not sure how to do it.

He considered several proposals from content marketing agencies and freelance writers to help the business’s online promotions.

The venerable HR SaaS (Software as a Service) company hired Skeptical Robot Studios to help the job board raise its brand authority. The main challenge was how to update a marketing mindset anchored in its startup days of 15 years before.

The Approach

The CEO and Skeptical Robot Studios agreed that the company needed to build out a Resources component of the website. Despite the facelift of many of its landing pages, the company had no platform from which to offer visitors value beyond resume drop-offs and job postings.

Skeptical Robot Studios mocked-up a Resources page that would provide a portal for blog posts, informational resources, and interview podcasts. The client liked the look of the Resources page, which was graphics-rich, including a video loop in the top banner.

Screenshot side.jpg

We also submitted a plan to develop the business’s social media presence. The approach included the design and implementation of a Facebook page for job seekers. The content uploaded to the Group would be oriented toward the interests of Millennial diversity professionals and job seekers. Skeptical Robot Studios also advised the client about how to expand its presence on LinkedIn.

We provided a plan for the company to build a Company page on LinkedIn and expand its network on the largest platform for professionals in the world. Skeptical Robot Studios also advised the company to use Twitter to reach out to current customers, potential client organizations, and other companies in the same industry as the client.

We built out the new website in 2017 with links to the job board site. The next challenge then was determining what kind of unique content would achieve the business’s objective of increasing sales leads to the job board.

The Solution

We worked closely with the company to establish categories of diversity professionals that had had little if any content generated for them. Resources would include videos, reports, interviews, podcasts, and blog posts. Since 2016, we have generated hundreds of articles that provide advice and tools to diversity professionals. Guest writers in the diversity and HR fields have also provided content.

Screenshot EDN_mid.jpg

SEO analysis has indicated over time that the majority of its visitors to the website are from the San Francisco area. Of course, viewers from other states and countries also take advantage of the content on the resources site.

We leveraged the information to create content targeted at diversity professionals who wanted to enter and progress in technology companies. The site has directed much of the material at empowering women in the competitive sector.

Further, we launched its newsletter during mid-2018. Since then, the readership has significantly increased the numbers of visitors to the website. The site has also seen a reduction in its bounce rate (the number of visitors who do not spend much time on a website).

The Result

Since early January 2017, the website has seen a year-on-year (y-o-y) increase of more than 500% in its growth in unique visitors. It has also recorded a nearly 350% increase in visits to its pages over the same period, with a 255% increase in page views.

Screenshot EDN trending_border.jpg

The client and Skeptical Robot Studios continue to work together, celebrating their third year of collaboration in August 2019.